Forge & Accessories Instructions

Forge & Accessories Instructions

1. Decide if you are going to use the tea light or just use paint.

1a. Tea light, paint the tops of the coals black and paint a red line around the bottom of the coals leaving the edges and in between the coals clear.

2. Paint the rest of the models first before assembling.

3. The 4 uprights have a slant on the tops so when glued to the roof, the roof slants down forward. Glue the 2 smallest to the front and the 2 largest to the rear making sure the slant faces forward.

This picture shows the uprights glued flat to the bottom of the roof at an angle.

4. Slide the coals down the forge sitting on the nips front first(opening) then push the back side down.

This picture shows the chimney with the arrow facing forward.

5. Glue the chimney to the top of the forge evenly with the arrow facing forward, then flue the bellows on the side shelf.

6. Take the battery and LED from your tea light and fit it into the battery box.

7. Slide the battery box underneath the forge.