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  1. david hopkinson (verified owner)

  2. david hopkinson (verified owner)

  3. david hopkinson (verified owner)

  4. david hopkinson (verified owner)

  5. Nikolas Lloyd (verified owner)

    Impressively fine detail. Bread slightly big, and does’t include the classic Roman round loaf which was divided into eighths radially – a very easy shape to model.

    Market Accessories (Bakery)

  6. Nikolas Lloyd (verified owner)

    They seem fine, although ancient amphorae tend not to be quite so uniform.


  7. Nikolas Lloyd (verified owner)

    The jugs in-scale are huge! Some advice on removing the banding lines would be useful (acetone?)

    Pots & Jugs

  8. Nikolas Lloyd (verified owner)

    The stools arrived broken but repairable. There’s a bit of work to be done removing the bowls and pots from the base layer holding them all together. The shelves could do with batons or the like to show how they might have been held up on the wall. All bowls and pots are empty.

    Roman Bar & Accessories

  9. Nikolas Lloyd (verified owner)

    The fish look great. The frame for the stall is simplified but fine. The canopy I think I will replace with actual cloth.

    Market Stall (Fish)

  10. Nikolas Lloyd (verified owner)

    Suffers more than most from the imperfections of the printing method.

    Market Accessories (Fruit & Veg)

  11. Nikolas Lloyd (verified owner)

    Bricks bigger than expected. Roman bricks were small, and at 28mm (1/56th) scale, even for modern bricks these are a bit on the large side. The barrow is much bigger than a modern wheelbarrow, so makes the bricks look smaller in the picture.

    Construction Site (Brick Pack)

  12. Peter (verified owner)

    Lovely bit of kit, bags of detail. Would have appreciated wood grain texture on more sides of the supports but nothing a bit of paint can’t fix!

    Forge & Accessories

  13. Peter (verified owner)

    Crisp and clean, lovely print


  14. Peter (verified owner)

    Crisp and clean, lovely print


  15. Iain Macmillan (verified owner)

    Bought as some scenery clutter for Mortal Gods and these really do the job; if there’s any chance of you making the classical Greek human body-sized pithoi as well that would be great.

    Greek Pots & Jugs

  16. Iain Macmillan (verified owner)

    Will take some fettling to get innards from led candles into the plinth as there is only a narrow slot running through but it will be worth the work.

    Roman Braziers x 2

  17. Stuart M. (verified owner)

  18. Stuart M. (verified owner)

  19. Stuart M. (verified owner)

  20. Stuart M. (verified owner)

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