Castle/Tower Stair Instructions

Castle/Tower Stair Instructions

1. Glue the channel of upper stairs and fix to the lower stairs.

3. Dry fit one of the legs so it stands up and make sure it measures 90mm.

2. Make sure the upper stairs is inline with the lower stairs edge.

4. Glue the bottom of the long hand rail then glue the top.

5. If you look at the side railing one of the distances between the leg to the end is narrower, glue that side to the left railing.

6. Glue the upper railings. Note they are handed, flat side to the outside.

7. Glue the top of the right lower railing to the upper railing.

8. At this point you can use the stairs as they’re. Alternatively follow further steps on how to add the hoardings.


1. Glue the longer of the two side hoardings, keeping it level with the bottom of the floor and with the left side of the railing.

3. Glue the smaller side hoarding in line with the first side hoarding. Glue the upper stair hoarding, these are handed.

5. Glue the upper stair hoardings, they are handed test fit.

2. Next glue the lower stair hoarding. Note they are handed, it’s the one with the smaller cut out.

4. Glue the other lower stair hoarding with the bigger cut out.

6. The Castle/Tower Stairs are now finished.

NOTE: The upper stair hoardings may need trimming depending on what you would like to use them for.