Welcome to IronGateScenery.

We are a new and upcoming 3D printed scenery company based in the United Kingdom. We currently have 28mm Roman, Fantasy, Pirate & Aztec terrain and 15mm World War II/Modern War terrain. With new products constantly coming out. All of our models are compatible with games such as: Gangs of Rome, Kings of War, Dungeon & Dragons, Team Yankee, Flames of War to name a few.


Free delivery on all orders over £20 within the UK.

Delivery charge of £2 on orders under £20 within the UK.

Postage outside the UK:

Customers that live outside of the UK please send us an email which includes: the item(s) you want, your postal/zip code and the country that you live in. We will then send you a shipping quote. If any items are damaged during shipping, please contact us and we will sort out a replacement. Most items will be shipped within 24 hours after the payment is accepted.

The website is being constantly updated with new products and old. If you have any suggestions, contact us.